Layer 2 Technologies – Spanning-Tree

spanning-tree Use the spanning-tree Global Configuration mode command to enable spanning-tree functionality. Use the no form of this command to disable the spanning-tree functionality. Syntax spanning-tree no spanning-tree Parameters N/A Default Configuration Spanning-tree is enabled. Command Mode Global Configuration mode Example The following example enables spanning-tree functionality. switchxxxxxx(config)#  spanning-tree spanning-tree […]

Layer 2 Technologies – Voice VLAN

show voice vlan To display the voice VLAN status for all interfaces or for a specific interface if the voice VLAN type is OUI, use the show voice vlan Privileged EXEC mode command. Syntax show voice vlan [type oui [{interface-id | detailed}] ] Parameters type oui—(Optional) Common and OUI-voice-VLAN specific parameters are displayed. […]

Layer 2 Technologies – Ethernet Configuration

interface To enter Interface configuration mode in order to configure an interface, use the interface Global Configuration mode command. Syntax interface interface-id Parameters interface-id—Specifies an interface ID. The interface ID can be one of the following types: Ethernet port, port-channel, VLAN, range,  OOB,   IP interface or tunnel. Default Configuration None Command […]

Management – Router Resources

system router resources To configure the system router resources, use the system router resources command in Global Configuration mode. To return to the default, use the no form of this command. Syntax system router resources [ip-entries max-number]  [ipv6-entries max-number]  [ipm-entries max-number]   [ipmv6-entries max-number]     [vlan-mapping-entries max-number] no system router resources Parameters ip-entries max-number—(Optional) The […]

Management – PHY Diagnostics

test cable-diagnostics tdr To use Time Domain Reflectometry (TDR) technology to diagnose the quality and characteristics of a copper cable attached to a port, use the test cable-diagnostics tdr Privileged EXEC mode command. Syntax test cable-diagnostics tdr interface interface-id Parameters interface-id—(Optional) Specifies an Ethernet port ID. Command Mode Privileged EXEC mode User […]

Management – Auto-Update and Auto-Config

boot host auto-config Use the boot host auto-config Global Configuration mode command to enable auto configuration via DHCP. Use the no form of this command to disable DHCP auto configuration. Syntax boot host auto-config [tftp | scp | auto [extension]] no boot host auto-config Parameters tftp—Only the TFTP protocol is […]

Management – SYSLOG

aaa logging To enable logging AAA logins, use the aaa logging Global Configuration mode command. To disable logging AAA logins, use the no form of this command. Syntax aaa logging {login} no aaa logging {login} Parameters login—Enables logging messages related to successful AAA login events, unsuccessful AAA login events and other […]

Management – SPAN

monitor session destination To create a new Switched Port Analyzer (SPAN) destination session, use the monitor session destination command in Global Configuration mode. To remove a destination session, use the no form of the command. Syntax monitor session session_number destination interface interface-id [network] no monitor session session_number destination Parameters session_number—Specify the session number identified with the […]